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We provide Online Pilot Assessment Preparation for pilots. Practice before the real assessment and BE READY!

The best assessments preparation, right at your fingertips.

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Realistic test practice

Practice using tests that are just like the real thing, so you are perfectly prepared for what you'll expect. No surprises!

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Track your progress

Keep track of every correct answer and every difficult question. Watch as your scores get better and better as you prepare to ace all the tests you face.

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Improve your score

Quickly work your way up to being a high-scorer by practising and learning how the questions work all via our in-depth solutions.


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Practice to Be Perfect

Preparing for your success

Practise using tests that are just like the real thing, so you are perfectly prepared for what you'll expect. From question style to test time per question, our tests are as accurate as can be.

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Pilot Assessments

Mirrors the style of real airline assessments from continuous feedbacks from pilots

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Psychometric Training

Practice Cut-E and Mollymawk tests and improve your performance before the real assessment

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Question Training

5000+ questions about ATPL, Reasoning, HR interviews, Aviation English, Math & Physics, etc..

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Practice Everywhere

Practice on any device—mobile, tablet and desktop from anywhere and stay focus on your preparation

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Job Search

Search & apply for the latest pilot jobs and get alerts whenever a job matches your requirements

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By Pilots for Pilots

Our experience and network allow us to provide you with the most up to date information


Hear what they have to say about us!

avatar male pilot

James - UK

Cadet pilot

Thank so much, my assessment with Ryanair was very similar. No surprises, I felt very confident. I've been successful and I will start the type rating very soon. The best 29.90€ I have ever spent!

avatar male pilot

Marco - Italy

First Officer

Nice work on your Interview Preparation. I will definitely be ordering again and I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for the great service.

avatar male pilot

Julien - France


I STRONGLY recommend the interview preparations to EVERYONE having an assessment coming up! 🙂

Our mission is to make sure that you are ready for your assessment and you get the job you deserve

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