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Cut-e Tests

This Cut-e Tests preparation guide provides detailed explanations and suggestions for all of the Cut-e assessments.

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What is Cut-e Tests

Cut-e is a company that offers online assessment tools for hiring, evaluating, and training. In 2017, Aon plc bought the company. It is now called Aon’s Assessment Solutions. Aon’s Assessment Solutions offers a wide range of online psychometric tests, game-based assessments, and other online tests that are meant to measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, job-related skills, and other competencies.

Organizations can use these tests for a number of things, like screening job applicants, finding employees with high potential, and developing talent within the organization.

The different typed of Cut-e assessment?

Cut-e Numerical Reasoning Test

The test typically consists of a set of multiple-choice questions that require the candidate to perform basic mathematical calculations, interpret data presented in graphs and tables, and apply logic and reasoning skills to solve numerical problems.

Aon numerical reasoning tests involve 2 different types of tests: Scales numerical and Numeracy (digitChallenge).

Scales numerical

Aon numerical reasoning questions test candidates’ abilities to determine the truth and accuracy of a statement based on numerical information provided. There are 12 minutes to answer 37 questions.

Cut-e Numerical Reasoning Test

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: Cannot Say

Explanation: The data in the tables does not mention Evergreen’s revenues from the cosmetic line ‘Man’ in FY 4. The table even does not include any information in FY 4. So, the answer is Cannot Say.

Numeracy (digitChallenge)

The Numeracy test assess the ability to solve arithmetic functions using mental calculation (addition, subtraction and multiplication). You have 6 minutes to answer as many questions as quickly and correctly as you can.

You will be presented with an equation with 2 missing values for a given result. You need to use the number to complete the task.

Cut-e Numeracy Test

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Cut-e Verbal Reasoning Test

Aon verbal reasoning questions test candidates’ abilities to determine the truth and accuracy of a statement based on the verbal information provided. There are 12 minutes to answer 49 questions.

Here’s an example of a verbal reasoning question from Aon.

Cut-e Verbal reasoning test

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Cut-e Logical Reasoning Test

The Cut-e Logical Reasoning Tests are an online psychometric tests that measures a candidate’s ability to analyze complex information, recognize patterns, and draw logical conclusions based on a set of rules or premises.

Aon logical reasoning tests involve 5 different types of tests: 

      • Deductive Logical Thinking (Scales lst)
      • Deductive Logical Thinking (switchChallenge)
      • Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales cls)
      • Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales ix)
      • Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales clx)

Deductive logical thinking (Scales lst)

Aon Deductive logical thinking tests assess the ability to understand the pattern in the graphic provided and use the logic to fill the empty cell in order to complete the pattern. You’ll have 6 minutes to complete as many questions as possible.

You need to find the missing symbol, identified by the question mark, in a way that a different symbol can only appear once per column and per row.

Cut-e Deductive logical thinking

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: the circle

Explanation: The question mark should be replaced by the circle because it’s the only object that does not appear in the second column.

Deductive logical thinking (switchChallenge)

Aon Deductive logical thinking tests require you to identify the right4-digit number sequences for receiving the right results. You have 6 minutes to answer as many questions as possible

Each question contains 4 symbols in a row whose order is altered by an operator (the operators are 4-digit number sequences). Your task is to find the operator that changes the order of the symbol.

Cut-e Deductive logical thinking

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: the middle operator

Explanation: Encode the sequence of shapes (input) with numbers in chronological order: Green (1), Yellow (2), Red (3), and Blue (4). Based on that, we’ll have the sequence of shapes (output) as: Green (1), Blue (4), Red (3), Yellow (2). The operator should be 1432.

Inductive logical thinking (Scales cls)

Aon Inductive logical thinking tests measure the ability to understand the common rules in the patterns given and then assign new images to the relevant patterns. There are 12 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes.

Each question contains 6 tables with letters, numbers, and colors. Your task is to identify the rules of the tables above and assign colors to the 4 additional tables below.


Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: The colors (from left to right) are Gray, Green, Green, Gray.

Explanation: The pattern for the Gray color: There are 4 letters B in each Gray table. The pattern for the Green color: The total of numbers in each Green table is more than or equal to 4.

Inductive Reasoning (Scales ix)

Aon Inductive reasoning tests measure the ability to Understand the common rules in the pattern given and then select the item in a series of 9 that does not fit the common pattern. There are 20 questions with a time limit of 5 minutes.

Cut-e Inductive Reasoning (Scales ix)

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: The 7th circle

Inductive Reasoning (Scales clx)

Aon Inductive reasoning tests measures your ability to look at a group of items, observe common patterns and interrelationships in order to draw logical conclusions. You have 6 minutes to complete as many questions as you can.

The rules always relate to the number of objects in a grid, not relating to the objects’ colors and shapes.

Cut-e Inductive Reasoning (Scales clx)

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: The two grids that have two columns of squares.

Cut-e Spatial Orientation

Aon Spatial Orientation tests is a specific test made to assess pilots. This test measures your sense of orientation. The test will take 3 minutes to complete.

Your task is to identify the position and course of an aircraft relative to a non directional beacon with the aid of a gyrocompass and a radio compass.

Cut-e Cut-e Spatial Orientation

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Gamified Assessments.

The newest type of aptitude test is the gamified assessment, which is becoming increasingly popular. The use of gamification in assessment processes enables a more enjoyable experience for the candidate while still producing accurate data and results.

You can expect to see Aon’s gamified assessments show up in your application processes more frequently as time goes on because gamification is becoming increasingly popular.

They combine scientific psychometric testing with aspects of gaming that are known to increase engagement and enjoyment, such as the ability to earn points and behave in a risk-and-reward manner.

Cut-e Situational Judgement Test

The Cut-e situational judgment test assesses candidate behavior using several illustrative work-based scenarios.

You will be given several real-life work situations and asked questions about how you would react and handle them in a professional way.

Think about your answers carefully and keep in mind what the company you are applying to stands for and how they do things. But you should be honest about how you would handle the given situations. If you give the answers you think the hiring team wants to hear over and over again, it will show up in your personality profile, which could make it look fake.

Companies often order their own versions of these situational judgement tests, which are made to reflect the kinds of situations and decisions that people in those roles are likely to face. A good result is important to show that you would be a valuable addition to the company, department, or next level of management.

Cut-e Mechanical Reasoning

Aon Mechanical reasoning measures mechanical and technical understanding using mechanical graphics. You will be shown a number of graphical representations of different mechanical components, and you will be required to respond to multiple-choice questions concerning the drawings. There are 24 questions with a time limit of 15 minutes.

The Cut-e Scales MTU test is likely to only be encountered when an individual is applying for a mechanical position within the engineering or manufacturing industry.


Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Cut-e Personality Questionnaires

Aon Personality questionnaires are made to Understand what makes you tick and how you are likely to behave at work. It will give some insights into the type of work for which you are a good fit and potential development areas for you.

The test will take approximately 30 minutes to read and rate 100 statements about your workstyle preferences. Select the statement that you agree with more.


Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Nothing to be worried about this test as it doesn’t require any preparation. You just need to answer honestly.

If you need more information about any of these tests, or if the test you have to take is not on our list (like spatial reasoning or short-term memory), you may find it by searching online. Aon’s assessments.

How to Prepare and Pass Your Cut-e Tests

Get familiar with the tests: The Cut-e tests have many different formats of questions. Make sure you know what tests you’ll have to take and what kind they are.

Brush up on your math and language skills. The tests will check how well you can think, solve problems, and communicate. Work on exercises and quizzes that test your math and language skills to improve them.

Practice with a time limit. The Cut-e tests are timed, so it’s important to practice with a time limit to get used to working quickly and well under pressure.

Develop ways to answer questions. You can answer questions quickly and correctly by using methods like process of elimination and educated guessing.

Get a lot of sleep and eat well before the test: Being well-rested and fed can help you keep your mind on the test and do your best.

Be honest with your answers. The Cut-e tests are meant to find out about your personality and how you work, so it’s important to be honest and not try to trick the system.

Don’t worry too much. Taking the Cut-e tests seriously is important, but try not to worry too much. Remember that they are only one part of the hiring process and that employers look at many other things when making decisions about who to hire.

Cut-e Tests FAQs

    The Cut-e test is an online psychometric assessment tool used by employers to measure a candidate’s abilities, skills, and personality traits. It includes various tests such as numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, personality tests, and more.

    Cut-e tests can be hard, but preparation and practice can help. Remember that they are only one part of the hiring process and that employers look at a lot of different things when they decide who to hire.

    The tests can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. It can vary depending on the specific tests that are being used and the employer’s requirements.

    The best way to prepare for the Cut-e assessment is to practice the tests. Practice tests can be found at Pilot Assessment Prep

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