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How to pass a group exercise


A group exercise is a discussion that is done with a small group of candidates (usually between 8 and 10 people) in response to a question from a member of the company’s hiring team.

Before the group exercise, candidates are usually given basic information on a scenario, with a limited amount of time to read it and take notes. You will next be requested to join the other candidates in order to discuss the material supplied and reach a conclusion.

    How will you be evaluated during a group exercise?

    You will be evaluated on a number of abilities and attributes during a group exercise. Here are some of the important areas on which assessors may be looking for:

      • Strong communication skills
      • Teamwork
      • Leadership
      • Problem-Solving abilities

    Thus, it is crucial that:

      • You don’t dominate the conversation
      • You avoid being too passive
      • You do not critize others
      • You and you group complete the task in time.


      Tips to pass a group exercise

      Actively listening: Pay close attention to what others are saying and ask clarifying questions to ensure you grasp their points of view.

      Be respectful: Demonstrate respect for other people’s thoughts and perspectives, even if you disagree with them. Avoid interrupting others or talking over them.

      Communicate clearly: Speak clearly and simply, and ensure that the gathering understands your message. To demonstrate that you are involved in the conversation, use nonverbal clues such as nodding or smiling.

      Positively contribute: Provide constructive suggestions and thoughts that build on the ideas of others. Avoid criticizing or disregarding the thoughts of others.

      Take charge: If you sense an opportunity to lead the group in a positive direction, seize it. Be forceful but not aggressive.

      Handle conflict: Whenever disagreements emerge among members of the group, attempt to address them in a respectful and constructive manner. Be open to make concessions and seek common ground.

      Concentrate: Focus on the subject at hand and avoid getting distracted by extraneous topics or discussions.

        Example of scenarios

        These are some scenarios that could be used in a group exercise during a recruitment process:

        A simulated emergency,  situation in which the group must collaborate to devise a plan to address the crisis and successfully communicate it.

        A case study in which the group is presented with a problem or issue and must brainstorm ideas and reach an agreement on the best course of action.

        A role-playing exercise in which each group member is allocated a specific role or responsibility and must collaborate to achieve a common goal.

        A team-building activity in which the group must work together to complete a physical or mental task, such as building a tower out of restricted resources or solving a puzzle.

        A brainstorming session in which the group is given a topic or issue and must collaborate to develop as many ideas or answers as feasible within a specified timeframe.

        A debate or discussion in which the participants are given a controversial or complex topic to consider and must work together to reach a consensus or agreement.

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